Namaste Bitches.

All Natural, High Purity, Terpene Rich & THC Laden... for the Discriminating Palate.

What is Terp Serum?


The Purest High Quality Distillate and the Purest Cannabis Terpenes... Nothing Else.

 Our mission is to provide true concentrate and cannabis connoisseurs with EXACTLY what they crave. How do we do it? (yea, right... we're not giving up that secret!) We will promise you this however, we only use top-shelf, terpene rich cannabis FLOWER. We never, AND WE MEAN NEVER, add any cut of any kind... not glycerin, PG, fake-ass  terpenes or any other gross tasting and unhealthy substances to our product. As a matter of fact, we do not add ANYTHING else to our product. PERIOD. All flowers are lab tested prior to extraction, and our final product is always lab tested batch by batch to ensure delivery of the highest-quality, richest terpene content & highest-potency products to our customers. Our product speaks for itself!


Premium .5g Cartridges

The innovative CCELL cartridges that carry our superior product provide a SIGNIFICANTLY improved experience all the way around. Utilizing only food and medical grade materials (including the finest Japanese ceramic and pure-blend metal elements) this innovative design requires no maintenance or pre-heating, are guaranteed leak-proof  and offer the highest hygienic standard. Boasting a design that uses 2mm nano holes for improved airflow, CCELL cartridges heat evenly and can handle high or low temperatures equally, even with terpene-rich, highly viscous distillate such as ours. Does that really matter? Hell yes! You will enjoy smoother hits, fuller flavor and powerful potency... not to mention the properly designed glass tube can hold the FULL .5g it claims, and you can reach ALL OF YOUR PRODUCT right down to the last drop. CCELL cartridges are the must have for connoisseurs who expect and appreciate a care-free and luxurious experience.

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